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Why? Because if we do not understand why humans do the things they do, and what drives them to change, we will never be effective at making the world a better place for animals.

Vision: For the understanding of human behaviour change and the application of its principles to be truly integrated into all sectors of human-animal interaction, services, charities and campaign organisations.

Mission: To build the capacity of those working in animal welfare by developing their understanding of the key principles of human behaviour change and how to apply them.

Goals: To provide information, tools, resources, services and products that will improve the impact and effectiveness of animal welfare interventions through an understanding of the key principles of HBC. To create a community that supports each other, and from which said resources can be crowd-sourced. To address the lack of cohesion in this field that is currently a barrier to the integration of HBC for animals into the AW community.

To read more about what we mean by 'human behaviour change for animals' click here.

We are a registered social enterprise company - Human Behaviour Change for Animals CIC.

The inaugural meeting took place in September 2016, see the events tab for links to the presentations.


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These sponsors supported the 2016 conference. We are seeking further sponsorship to drive the project forward.



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Animal Welfare: The Human Element