Communication for behaviour change

This consists of one downloadable session that lasts approximately an hour. This session is presented by Georgina Ash.

In order to convey a way of thinking we need to have effective messaging. This recorded presentation looks at story-telling as a powerful communication tool to motivate behaviour change for animals. As we are operating in an increasingly digital landscape there will be a focus on visual story-telling. We will also explore the impact of negative vs positive messaging and imagery, the language and tone of persuasion, and touch on audiences and segmentation.

Available now through our Thinkific learning platform here.

Georgina Ash

My passion for animals and the natural world actually started in marine conservation in my late teens. Through scuba-diving surveys I learnt to identify fish and invertebrate species and the damage fishing had done to the coral. Several years later,… Read more »


The session lasts approximately 1 hour.

£20 – you can pay online through the Thinkific platform using Stripe or PayPal.