Using Approaches from Social Marketing from an Applied Context

Social marketing is one of the fields/disciplines that we can turn to when learning about and applying the science of human behaviour change. Led by Justine Williams (HBCA team member and Director of Our Family Dog CIC) this short course will take you through the key principles of social marketing, including community social marketing, including lots of examples to bring the subject to life. The presentation style and resources encourage active learning.

Justine was a speaker at our 2016 conference and a keynote speaker at our 2018 conference – both talks were incredibly popular and had fantastic feedback, so we are so excited to be able to host this resource presented by Justine.

Justine Williams

Justine Williams is an experienced charity campaigns and communications professional who specialises in behaviour change – she holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Behaviour Change. For more than 20 years, she worked in animal welfare; and first pioneered the application of… Read more »

The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

£35 – you can pay online through the Thinkific platform using Stripe or PayPal.

This course is delivered by Justine Williams.