Human behaviour change skills for vets, behaviourists and trainers

Making change happen: human behaviour change skills for vets, behaviourists and trainers. 

This course explores the interpersonal skills element of facilitating change in our clients. Only £65 for around 10 study hours.

For vets, behaviourists and trainers the ultimate goal is to change the behaviour of the owner in order to improve the lives of the animals. To be as effective as we can be we need optimum owner compliance. This course explores some of the principles of human behaviour change with a focus on the communication skills and personal development goals needed to apply them.

Led by three facilitators, Ben Hart, Catherine Bell and Suzanne Rogers, the course includes videos, presentations, worksheets and further reading. The presentation style and resources encourage active learning.

The creation of this course was kindly sponsored by The Horse Trust.

Available now through our Thinkific site.

The course takes approximately 10 study hours to complete.

£65 – you can pay online through the Thinkific platform using Stripe or PayPal.

The course facilitators are HBCA’s Catherine Bell, Suzanne Rogers and Ben Hart.