Who we are

Our team comprises of people who are passionate about applying the science of behaviour change to issues affecting animals.

We work as a team to deliver our consultancy, research and education activities. For each project, we bring together people with the most relevant skills. This approach means that our clients receive input from multiple specialists with specific expertise relevant to their work, without having to coordinate the team themselves – a ‘one-stop shop’.

HBCA directors

We have a vision, geekiness and endless enthusiasm for our belief that to create effective positive change for animals we must consider the human animal. We founded HBCA in 2016 following the First International Conference in Human Behaviour Change for Animal Welfare. Before that, we were both working independently as consultants for many different organisations. In July 2017, HBCA became a social enterprise organisation by registering as a Community Interest Company (CIC).

Suzanne Rogers

Suzanne has worked in several very different roles that together have paved the way for being the co-director of HBCA. After graduation she worked in science publishing – initially as a science journalist and later managing several journals. In her… Read more »

Jo White

Human behaviour change is at the heart of all the work Jo undertakes in animal welfare. As co-founder of the social enterprise Human Behaviour Change for Animals alongside Suzanne, she is committed to making a difference. A life-long passion for… Read more »

Team of specialists

HBCA has a growing number of specialists with expertise in different areas of human behaviour change. With a wealth of experience we provide a bespoke service to meet your needs in making a difference to the lives of animals. Here are a few examples of the developing team, more coming soon!