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Pets and Pet Obesity in the UK

Obese Rabbit

Introduction Never have pets been more important in our lives than during the current pandemic. In a time when we are allowed very limited social contact, pets provide a source of love and joy and make us feel much less… Read more »

Loving Your Pet Through Thick and Thicker

Cat Licking Lips

We are living in weird times, we are in the middle of a pandemic, there is very little happening, shops open and close then open again, as do gyms. Many of us (including me) have already noticed the so-called corona… Read more »

Networking: Easier Said Than Done

Anouk DePlaa

In my previous blog, I described how I decided it was time to get serious again about trying to land that paid job in a conservation or animal welfare charity. The first step I took was to ask Jo (White)… Read more »

The Start of the Journey

Anouk DePlaa

This blog is the first in our guest blog series from Anouk DePlaa. Anouk is part of the growing HBCA team and has helped us with several research projects. Her passion for animal welfare and conservation has fuelled her journey… Read more »