Past events

If you’d like to host any of these workshops or seminars (or new ones) please do get in touch –

  • May 2019 ​Applying key principles of psychology to human behaviour change with Jo White and Suzanne Rogers, Liverpool, UK
  • May 2019 ​Speaking to Spock or communicating with Captain Kirk? How Star Trek and behaviour change models can help us improve animal welfare with Tamzin Furtado, Liverpool, UK
  • April 2019 Helping communities to change behaviour through messaging and peer support, Sussex, UK
  • March 2019 Habits: creating good ones, breaking bad ones as a sustainable answer to animal welfare problems with Jo White, Cambridgeshire, UK
  • February 2019 ‘Involve me and I understand’ – developing participatory exercises with Suzanne Rogers, Battersea, UK
  • October 2018 ‘HBCA: from principles to practice’ workshop event, Exeter UK.
  • ​​September 2018 Companion Animal Conference 2018 Theme Human Behaviour Change Partner event with the New Zealand Companion Animal Council.
  • December 2017 Asia For Animals Conference: Theme Changing Human Behaviour Partner event with Asia For Animals
  • ​November 2017 An introduction to motivational interviewing Kindly hosted by the University of Bristol, UK. Led by Alison Bard
  • July 2017 Lessons from counselling: applying key principles of counselling to our HBC-minded work with clients Kindly hosted by The Dogs Trust, Manchester, UK. Led by Debbie Busby
  • May 2017 Exploring key HBC frameworks and principles, kindly hosted by The Brooke, London, UK. Led by Jo White
  • March 2017 Understanding HBC and communication skills Kindly hosted by The Horse Trust, Bucks. This course was led by Ben Hart, Catherine Bell and Suzanne Rogers
    An online version of this course is available here