Ben Hart

Ben is passionate about animal welfare and behaviour with more than 20 years delivering training for private owners, corporate groups and welfare organisations, throughout the UK, Europe, Ethiopia, Egypt, Mexico, Cambodia, Australia, U.S.A. and Canada. This experience has created in-depth understanding of the special requirements of people who work with animals.

Ben uses his knowledge of the practical application of animal and human behaviour to deliver training and facilitation services that are relevant, sustainable and fulfil the needs of any organisation working with animals. Ben provides individual training and facilitation services that are based on the principles of honesty, wisdom and responsibility so that training inspires change not just at the end of the day but for years to come.

Ben has worked in agriculture with all types of livestock in many countries and for organisations, including the RSPCA, The Blue Cross, The Brooke and The Donkey Sanctuary.
My expertise involves the practical application of Human Behaviour Change with individuals or organisations.

A chat with Ben

Tell us a little bit about you and your journey into behaviour change in relation to improving the lives of animals?

I have always been interested in the interaction between human behaviour and animal behaviour and how together they impact on animal welfare. Early on in my work with equines I realised that to improve animal welfare I have to understand and work with human behaviour. As a trainer I developed training sessions that involved participatory approaches to increase engagement and learning leading to greater uptake of behavioural principles and improved welfare.

Working with Suzanne from the start I have enjoyed developing the practical application of human behaviour change theories into every area of my work. I have found that when I have worked with animal handlers and owners around the world if I can walk the participatory talk, I can learn a great deal from everyone I work with and this in turn allows improvements in understanding that can lead to increasing standards in animal welfare.

Why does behaviour change matter?

Behaviour change matters because animal welfare matters. Finding the best way to work with human behaviour allows us to influence improvements in animal welfare.

Most inspiring behaviour change intervention (animal welfare or other) and why?

Every behaviour change intervention inspires me because I know it means someone cares and someone is trying to make a difference, big or small it doesn’t matter I just love the fact people are trying.

What’s your vision for behaviour change for the next five years?

To see a set of introductory tools that make it easy to understand and use HBCA. Because my vison for the next five years is one where HBCA is a normal and integral part of all animal welfare work.

How did you become involved with Human Behaviour Change for Animals?

I met Suzanne when she came on some training I was running a long time ago and we have been friends ever since. We started working on HBC ideas and bouncing thoughts about and ever since then I have worked with Suz and now Jo on HBCA projects.

Why do you like working with HBCA?

I love working with passionate people who all inspire me to become better. I love that we are all out to improve animal welfare and that ideas and work are shared for the good of the animals.

Top tip for organisations getting started with behaviour change?

Pause … then get some professional help to really understand how your organisation can apply the principles and concepts of human behaviour change to your work. Make sure that the concepts are introduced in a way that “walks the talk”.



  • Facilitation
  • Participatory application
  • Training/coaching
  • Welfare consultant
  • Online training


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