2016 Conference Scientific Committee

2016 Conference Steering Committee

The team

The RSPCA have sponsored development of HBCA as an organisation and have funded some resources that will be live soon.

HBCA is run by the two Directors, Jo White and Suzanne Rogers.

We have a growing network of more than twenty experts who we work with on HBCA consultancy projects.

People who were key in the inception of our organisation and who have helped at every step of the way are:   

With support from Glen Cousquer, Dean Bland, Mark Kennedy and Debbie Busby

We have been sponsored by the following organisations for the 2016, and 2017 conferences and for some of the workshops and courses we have hosted. We have also provided consultancy to some of these organisations listed below.

Dr Catherine Bell, Equine Behaviour and Training Association

Harry Eckman, Change For Animals Foundation, Portugal

Dr Andrea Ellis, Unequi, UK

Professor Jeff French, Strategic Social Marketing, UK

​Professor Harold Herzog, Western Carolina University, USA

Melissa Liszewski, The Brooke (International)

Amber Marshallay MRCVS, Priory Vets, UK
Justine Pannett, RSPCA, UK

Dr Becky Whay, University of Bristol, UK

Jo White, Progressive Ideas, UK

Dr Angela Wright, Compassion in World Farming, (International)

Ruth DeVere, World Animal Protection (International)

The JMICAWE was our academic partner for the 2016 conference and the University of Exeter's EASE unit for our 2018 event. We are seeking new academic partnerships for the whole project moving forwards and to host our workshops and educational events. 

Suzanne Rogers (conference organiser)

Dr Mark Kennedy (Animal Welfare Consultant)

Ben Hart (Facilitator)

Jo White (Progressive Ideas) 

and the CFAF team (including Harry Eckman) 

We are developing a wider team of advisors and collaborators. Do get in touch for more information.