Jo White: As co-founder of the social enterprise Human Behaviour Change for Animals alongside Suzanne Rogers, Jo is committed to making a difference. Her career spans over two decades working with and connected to animals; from its practical beginnings with horses who remain a constant, to developing and implementing international projects to deliver behaviour change to improve animal welfare; including the human animal. Jo recently completed an MSc in (Human) Behaviour Change, holds a Degree in Equine studies, a Certificate in Campaigns, together with varying practical equine qualifications. She runs the social enterprise Progressive Ideas which she founded in 2011; has worked with varying international organisations, including as a Director for World Horse Welfare leading the campaign to end the long-distance transport of horses and donkeys for slaughter; among other animal welfare and HBC work. Jo continues to provide advice and support covering the development and implementation of behavioural interventions to enable positive change to improve the wellbeing of animal; including strategy development, research and evidence collection, advocacy, campaigning and policy change, education and training, and communications to support change. Jo is committed to developing the field of HBC for animals, and is currently working on a number of projects focused on making positive change a reality, which includes building on her research into habit formation and change.​

​Suzanne Rogers: After an initial career in scientific publishing, Suzanne re-qualified and in animal behaviour and welfare, gained extensive practical experience with several animal welfare organisations, worked as an equine behaviour consultant and founded Learning About Animals. She is active as an IAABC-certified horse behaviour consultant. Suzanne is also co-founder and Programmes Director of Change For Animals Foundation (CFAF) and co-founder and Trustee of the Aquarium Welfare Association and of the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA). In 2007 she became the Programmes Manager of the Companion Animal Unit at WSPA (now World Animal Protection) managing dog population and working equine programmes. A key part of this role was to develop and test participatory methodologies. Suzanne led the move away from a heavy focus on mobile clinics towards prevention through participatory approaches. To reflect the broad applicability of the approach to other species she became the Technical Advisor for Human Behaviour Change Programmes.

Since 2011, Suzanne has worked as an international consultant for animal welfare and human behaviour change, working with many key animal organisations. In 2016 she co-founded Human Behaviour Change for Animals CIC with Jo White.

Tamzin Furtado: As a social scientist with a background in global health and building communities of practice, Tamzin is currently completing my PhD at the University of Liverpool, studying how we can improve the management of obesity in horses using qualitative research. She is passionate about using behaviour change science to improve animal welfare, and in using social sciences to find out more about how we can help people to change. Although Tamzin is a self-confessed horse-nut, she hopes to work with animals across the board in future, and has previously been involved with charities ranging from South-East Asian wildlife to British domestic pets, and particularly loves goats (well, who doesn’t). She looks forward to meeting you all at the event!


​This practical workshop will introduce participants to the application of varied behaviour change models, using the models to illuminate different aspects of common behaviour change problems. Through considering well-known Star Trek characters (who will be explained for non-trekkies!) we will discuss the importance of understanding the multiple agendas which are relevant for human behaviour change, and how these are accounted for in behaviour change models. The workshop will involve audience participation in group activities, and aims to be a dynamic and fun session. Following the workshop, you will have a familiarity with different types of model and an understanding of how to apply these models to your own work, to facilitate behaviour change strategies.

A 90 minute version of this workshop was held at the 2018 HBCA workshop event. This is a day version where we will go into further detail and have more time to practice applying the concepts in real life situations.

This workshop will be relevant for people working on any animal issue. 

The workshop will be led by Tamzin Furtado and co-facilitated by Jo and Suz from HBCA.

CEU credits will be available for IAABC members.

You can book either day separately or make a weekend of it and come to both. 

18th May 2019
Applying key principles of psychology to human behaviour change with Jo White and Suzanne Rogers


Venue: Univeristy of Liverpool

Times: Each day will run from 10am (arrive for tea/coffee at 9.45am) and will finish by 4.30pm 

Cost: £65 for each day or £120 to attend both days.

Refreshments included, please bring a packed lunch. 

​For more information please email info@hbcforanimals.com. You can book via PayPal using the link below, or to pay by Bank Transfer or cheque please contact us by email. Places are strictly limited and not available on the door. You will be asked for registration details when you've booked, when you get confirmation (usually within a few hours).

​An understanding of psychology underpins many evidence-based behaviour change principles. This event will explore the psychology of behaviour change and provide opportunities to apply what you learn to your own work. Following the workshop you will have a practical understanding of the psychology of behaviour change and if you are able to attend the whole weekend this first day, will enable you to have a deeper understanding of the models that will be covered on the Sunday.

This workshop will be relevant for people working on any animal issue but most of the examples will relate to companion and working animals. 

The workshop will be led by Jo and Suz from HBCA and co-facilitated by Tamzin Furtado.

CEU credits will be available for IAABC members.

Weekend offer - £120

Models - 19th May - £65

19th May 2019
Speaking to Spock or communicating with Captain Kirk? How Star Trek and behaviour change models can help us improve animal welfare with Tamzin Furtado 

Psychology - 18th May - £65