Bernie Unti (Humane Society International)
HBC in animal welfare - learning from the past to plan the future
Bernie will discuss some case studies of successful and less-successful animal welfare campaigns and achievements through the lens of human behaviour change. YouTube Bernie Unti

Jeff French (Strategic Social Marketing)
Social marketing and human behaviour change
Professor French will consider the key elements of social marketing that can be applied to changing human behaviour to improve animal welfare. YouTube Jeff French

Ben Hart (Hart's Horsemanship)

The key principles of human behaviour change

Ben will introduce some of the key principles of HBC providing a framework upon which delegates can consider the conference content as the event progresses.

Arnie Arluke (Northwestern University) 
Understanding Apparent Changes in Animal Welfare-related Behavior in Costa Rica
Professor Arluke's goal is to bring a sociological perspective to the topic of animal welfare-related human behavior change in Costa Rica. After reviewing and critiquing apparent changes in this behavior found in surveys done in 2003 and 2011, he proposes a different theoretical and methodological approach to studying this question. Drawing on population-based theories of change and ethnographic methods, Professor Arluke will discuss how the decision-making of everyday Costa Ricans as they interpret and possibly embrace laws, regulations, and other messages from the government and NGO's about animal welfare-related behavior can be studied.  YouTube Arnie Arluke

Manoj Gautam (Jane Goodall Institute Nepal) Lessons from the field 
Manoj has worked to change the behaviour of communities across Nepal for many years and set up some innovative approaches towards doing so. This talk will give us a feel for his community work on the ground in Nepal using examples covering a range of issues and species. You Tube Manoj Gautam

Risë VanFleet (IIAAPT)
Communication and influencing skills needed to drive human behaviour change

This talk will first explore the human communication and influence skills needed to educate and change human behavior. We will cover what we know works and doesn't work so well when we are trying to help people alter their behavior, especially if they don't really see the sense of doing so. The talk will also cover working with children to help them feel connected to animals, develop relationships with animals, and helping them adopt humane attitudes and behaviors from the start. You Tube Rise VanFleet

Jo White (Progressive Ideas)

Key Principles of Human Behaviour Change

This talk covered some key principles of behaviour change. YouTube Jo White

Theme 1: Attitudes and Perceptions

15 min talks

​1. Brenda Bonnett: Don’t Know or Don’t Care: how beliefs and attitudes about dog health and welfare limit behaviour change. YouTube Brenda Bonnett

2. Kate Atema: The Cycle of Intolerance and its Impact on Basic Dog Care Provision Behaviors. YouTube Kate Atema

3. Anne McBride: Positive Punishment and our Pets; why do we still do it? YouTube Anne McBride

5 min talks

1. Carrie Westgarth: Matching Needs and Sharing Happiness: understanding why owners walk their dogs. YouTube Carrie Westgarth

2. Kerry Taylor: An investigation into Owner Motivation and Attitude towards Equine Welfare during a Community Project and its Future Development. YouTube Kerry Taylor

3. Kirilly Thompson: Being Cruel or Being Kind? How Australian horse owners determine the health and happiness of horses in their care. YouTube Kirilly Thompson

4. Andie Vilela: "Why do you Race Babies?” Understanding the motivations of people who train and race trotter horses. YouTube Andie Vilela

5. Nicola White: Reptile Ownership: the scale of the problem. YouTube Nicola White

6. Kerry Sands: Call Me Sheep: how looking at the social interactions of sheep can change human perceptions. YouTube Kerry Sands

Theme 2: Change in the community

15 min talks

1. Valerie Benka: Challenges to Behavioural Change to Benefit Wildlife Conservation: a case study of Laikipia, Kenya. YouTube Valerie Benka

2. Hayat Khan on behalf of Zahir Shah: Involving Women in Improving Working Equine Welfare in Peshawar, Pakistan. YouTube Hayat Khan

3. Tsedeke Desalegn: A Novel Community Engagement Approach to Improving Equine Welfare in Halaba, Ethiopia. YouTube Tsedeke Desalegn

4. Elly Hiby: Monitoring Change in Human Behaviour Towards Dogs. YouTube Elly Hiby

5 min talks

1. Jo White: The role of Human Behaviour Change in Addressing Lameness in Romanian Horses and Donkeys. YouTube Jo White

2. Tamlin Watson: Changing Human Behaviour Towards Dog Management in Northern Morocco. YouTube Tamlin Watson

3. Neema Kawe: Integrated Approach to Behavior Change on Donkey Handling in Mwea, Kenya. YouTube Neema Kawe

4. Lisa Lanfear: At the Coal Face. YouTube Lisa Lanfear

5. Laura Kavata: Using Human-Based Indicators to Assess Adoption of Improved Husbandry Practices: donkey tethering in Kenya. YouTube Laura Kavata

6. Hayat Khan on behalf of Sher Nawaz: Decreasing the Frequency of Slit Nostrils: a case study in Karachi. YouTube Hayat Khan2

7. Melissa Liszewski: Theory of Change as a Multi-use Tool to Streamline Community-based Human Behaviour Change Work.YouTube Melissa Liszewski

Theme 3: Change in the Individual

15 min talks

1. Justine Pannett: Working Together Makes for Better Animal Welfare. YouTube Justine Pannett

2. Richard Casey: Using PetWise MOTs to Improve Animal Welfare. YouTube Richard Casey

3. Catherine Bell: Human Behaviour Change for the Individual: principles of ethical change. YouTube Catherine Bell

4. Graham Coleman: Behaviour Change for Stockpeople in the Livestock Industries. YouTube Graham Coleman

5. Claire Weeks: Facilitating Behaviour Change to Improve Hen Welfare. YouTube Claire Weeks

6. Alison Bard: Inspiring Change: can Motivational Interviewing improve the uptake of advice on cattle health and welfare? YouTube Alison Bard

5 min talks

1. Debbie Busby: Transacting to Treat: transactional analysis in the client-professional relationship. YouTube Debbie Busby

2. Julie Palais: Six Principles of Persuasion. YouTube Julie Palais

3. Ruth Jobling: Social Cognition to Identify Motivators for and Barriers to Change. YouTube Ruth Jobling

4. Christine Sumner: Benchmarking Dairy Calf Welfare: a qualitative study on farmer motivation. YouTube Christine Sumner

5. Lorna Paton: Lamb Castration: barriers to change. YouTube Lorna Paton

6. Glen Cousquer: Pack Mule Welfare in the Mountain Tourism Industry: facing up to complexity in the global village. YouTube Glen Cousquer

7. Tamsin Durston: How Does an Understanding and Application of Canine Behavioural Development and Learning Theory Help Me to be an Effective People Manager? YouTube Tamsin Durston

8. Glen Cousquer: Reviewing and Video Feedback as Tools to Reflect On and In Action.. YouTube Glen Gousquer2

Theme 4: Change through Education

15 min talks

1. Georgina Allen: Happiness is a State of Mind – changing behaviours through empathy based training within zoos. YouTube Georgina Allen

2. Anna Saillet: Preparing for the Next Generation – the importance of a long term plan for participatory education in working equine welfare. YouTube Anna Saillet

3. Juliet Dukes: Influencing the Next Generation of Researchers to Effect Behavioural Change Towards Animal Use in Research. YouTube Juliet Dukes

4. Monica List: Grounding Animal Ethics and Sociological Concepts in Experiential Learning: a proposal from the higher education setting. YouTube Monica List

5. Nancy Clarke: Creating a Culture Within Veterinary Education to Achieve Humane Behaviour and Good Animal Welfare. YouTube Nancy Clarke

6. Jill McKay: Incepting Massive Behavioural Change in Animal Welfare. YouTube Jill McKay

7. Jen Jamieson: Tell Me and I Forget, Show Me and I Remember, Involve Me and I Truly Understand. YouTube Jen Jamieson

5 min talks

1. Heather Bacon on behalf of Hayley Walters: Can Support for a Veterinary Nurse Training Course be Generated in India and Will it Improve Patient Welfare? YouTube Heather Bacon

2. Heather Bacon: Assessing and Influencing Cross-cultural Knowledge and Attitudes to Zoo Animal Behaviour and Welfare Through Effective Education. YouTube Heather Bacon2

3. Melanie Connor: An Investigation of 13-17 year olds' Attitudes and Behaviour to Animals and Development and Testing of Interventions to Promote the Concept of Duty of Care: a project overview. YouTube Melanie Connor

Theme 5: Change the World

15 min talks

1. Gina Juarez: Reaching Millennials - initiating mass behavior change for animal welfare in the “Digital Generation” through mobile technology and social media networking. YouTube Gina Juarez

2. Jenny Stavinsky: The Role of Human Behaviour in Shaping Practice in the Animal Welfare Community. YouTube Jenny Stavinsky

3. Sam Lipman: Underlying Causes of Human Behaviour Change towards Captive Orca Welfare. YouTube Sam Lipman

4. Madeline Leitsberger: Creating Human Behaviour Change  – welfare, rights or abolition? YouTube Madeline Leitsberger

5. Shweta Sood: The Effectiveness of the ‘Light Touch Support’ Model to Influence Human Behaviour Change Towards Farmed Animals. YouTube Shweta Sood

5 min talks

1. Jenny Josephs: Behaviour Change in Insect Eating and Sustainable Farming. YouTube Jenny Josephs

2. Tamara Kartal: Holding the Lead – human influence on global dog populations and behaviours. YouTube Tamara Kartal

3. Luisa Ruge: Animal Centered Design (ACD) as a framework for animal welfare. YouTube Luisa Ruge

4. Caryn Ginsberg: In it for the LONG term; maintenance as a veg behaviour change priority. YouTube Garyn Ginsberg

Above: Gallery of speakers. If you would like to receive the original photo(s) to download from Dropbox please get in touch and we will send them to you.  A discretionary donation to support Manoj Gautam's work at the Jane Goodall Institute for Nepal would be appreciated. You can donate through PayPal at Photos thanks to Andrea Ellis. More photos. 

Above: Gallery of audience and group photos. If you would like to receive the original photo(s) via a link to download from Dropbox please get in touch and we will send them to you.  A discretionary donation to support Manoj Gautam's work at the Jane Goodall Institute for Nepal would be appreciated. More photos. ​You can donate through PayPal at Thanks to Andrea Ellis for taking the photos.

For more photos see the Gallery page. 

The First International Conference on Human Behaviour Change for Animal Welfare

A special issue entitled 'Animal Assisted Interventions and Activites for Health and Wellbeing' will consider accepted abstracts of the 2016 conference for publication. 

Links to the films of the talks

Theme 1: Attitudes and Perception

Jenni  Nellist - The effect of horse training experience on horse owner perception of training method
Sophia Hepple - Understanding the human element in improving calf survival: Attitudes to calf management in the beef sector
Carol Thompson - The relationship between sheep farmers’ and vets’ perceptions of lameness and pain, and their decision to catch and treat lame sheep
Patricia Turner - Producer attitudes to on-farm euthanasia of commercial meat rabbits
Zahir Shah - Brick kilns in Peshawar – improving comfort for working equids
Caroline Spence - Public attitudes to animal sentience and welfare
Valerie Benka - Characterization of cat owners using a reduced-cost spay/neuter clinic in Massachusetts, and lessons for encouraging changes to behavior and decisions-making regarding cat sterilization
Gustavo A. María -  Human behaviour and perceptions about bullfighting in Spain

Theme 2: Changes in the community
Kendal Shepherd - A One Health proposal for dog bite prevention
Claire Blakey - ‘Breaking the Chain’ - an intervention programme for young people at risk of animal cruelty
Mario Sapon - Changing handling practices: a case study from Guatemala
Jane Clements - Using community engagement to change the attitudes of residents towards feline neutering
Kebba Daffeh - Review of the impact of animal welfare intervention programmes of the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust on community behaviour change and attitudes to the welfare of equines in Niamina East District Central River Region of The Gambia
Syed Fareh-uz Zaman - Promoting first-aid kits in working equid-owning communities

Theme 3: Change in the individual
Debbie Busby - Transacting to treat: Transactional Analysis in the client-professional relationship

Theme 4: Change through education
Inger Anneberg- Role of agricultural colleges in framing future farmers’ perception of animal welfare
Tina Norakidze - COMPASSION: We teach it, We share it, WE need it
Louise Napthine - A review of the movement towards pro-welfare equestrian sport
Lesley Winton – Sharing the stories of rescued wild and domestic animals with looked after children to help reverse the cycle of abuse and help them see animals as sentient beings.
Heather Bacon - Animal welfare in veterinary education; empowering vets of the future by changing our behaviour

Theme 5: Change the world
Rebecca  Garcia Pinillos - One welfare, a platform for improving human and animal welfare.
Prakash Gogoi - Using S/P Message Services to promote animal welfare in India: limitations and solutions
Donna Fisher - Media coverage analysis of animal behaviour research disseminated via press-releasesType your paragraph here.

Above: Gallery of Caryn Ginsberg's visual captures. If you would like to receive the original photo(s) via a link to download from Dropbox please get in touch and we will send them to you.  A discretionary donation to support Manoj Gautam's work at the Jane Goodall Institute for Nepal would be appreciated. You can donate through PayPal at 

2016 HBCAW Conference aims

  • To highlight the importance of human behaviour change (HBC) in animal welfare work.
  • To educate on core elements of HBC theory through key presentations from leading experts.
  • To facilitate discussion and sharing of information and experience of HBC for animal welfare.
  • To encourage embedding of HBC in inter-sectoral collaboration, innovation and policy. 
  • To explore novel methods for the monitoring and evaluation of HBC approaches and provide evidence-based information illustrating its value.

There were five conference themes and we are likely to refer to these moving forward. 

Theme 1: Attitudes and Perceptions

Theme 2: Change in the Community

Theme 3: Change in the Individual

Theme 4: Change through Education

Theme 5: Change in the World

This inaugural event took place in September 2016, in Dorking, UK.