Fundamentals in Human Behaviour Change. Sponsored by WSAVA, this course provides an introduction to participatory approaches for veterinary outreach.  This event has been piloted for WSAVA and the next one will start towards the end of July. Taking bookings now.

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Courses, Conferences and Events 

The next International conference will be in September 2019, and outside the UK. 

We will be hosting more workshops throughout the UK and Europe and anywhere else we are invited.

Making Change Happen: Human Behaviour Change skills for vets, behaviourists and trainers. Based on the in-person course run  by Ben Hart, Suzanne Rogers and Catherine Bell this course, sponsored by The Horse Trust, explores the interpersonal skills element of facilitating change in our clients.



Online courses

Past events 

17th to 19th September 2018

Companion Animal Conference 2018 Theme Human Behaviour Change

Auckland, New Zealand

This is a partner event with HBCA. For more details or to book click here.



​Wednesday 1st November 2017 An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
Kindly hosted by the University of Bristol, UK, Led by Alison Bard

Saturday July 8th 2017 Lessons from counselling: applying key principles of counselling to our HBC-minded work with clients

Kindly hosted by The Dogs Trust, Manchester, UK
Led by Debbie Busby

Wednesday 17th May 2017 Exploring Key HBC Frameworks and Principles 
Kindly hosted by The Brooke, London, UK. Led by Jo White

March 4th 2017 Understanding HBC and communication skills 
Kindly hosted by The Horse Trust, Bucks. This course was led by Ben Hart, Catherine Bell and Suzanne Rogers
An online version of this course is available here

An Introduction to Monitoring And Evaluation. Sponsored by The Horse Trust, this course explores how impact can be assessed for projects that are changing knowledge, attitudes, planned and actual behaviours of people. Coming soon.

For the links to all the talks at First International Conference on Human Behaviour Change for Animal Welfare - click here.

There will be a series of more focused workshops in the UK throughout 2018 and onwards; possibly in other countries through collaborations. In 2017 we partnered with Asia For Animals (AFA) - their December 2017 conference had the theme of 'Changing Human Behaviour' and Suzanne was a key member of the organising committee. In 2018 we are running a workshop based event in the UK, and in 2019 we will run another International conference, outside the UK. We will update the mailing list as dates are finalised and post here in due course. 

Friday 19th October to Sunday 21st October 2018

HBCA - From Principles to Practice 

Kindly hosted by the EASE group at the University of Exeter, UK 

For more details or to book click here.