You can book either day separately or make a weekend of it and come to both. 

Georgina is a multimedia consultant specialising in the not for profit sector. Her love of animals was cemented with an MSc in primate conservation where she conceded (during a statistical analysis class) that she wasn't a natural scientist after all. Her strength lies not in carrying out research, but in convincing others why that research is so important. After that she spent ten years working in the communications team for an animal welfare organisation - science communication and a worthy cause being the perfect combination. Georgina recently began her consultancy journey and is looking forward to working with you. ​


Venue: Manchester YHA, Potato Wharf, Manchester M3 4NB

Times: Each day will run from 10am (arrive for tea/coffee at 9.45am) and will finish by 4.30pm 

Cost: Early bird rate £65 for each day or £120 to attend both days. This will increase to £75 and £140 after August 1st. 

Refreshments included, please bring a packed lunch. We will be having a meal out in the evening on the Saturday that attendees are welcome to join us for.

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Inspirational voice

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How often do we hear people say, it’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it? Consider for a moment the most inspirational speech you know of, that one that really makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Then consider taking the exact script from that word for word and delivering it yourself. Do you think you could have the same impact? The voice itself is one of the most powerful behaviour change tools we possess. It is a vehicle for inspiration and engagement with our listeners and audiences; and yet it is rarely utilised to the very best of its capabilities.

This fun-packed workshop will enable participants to gain a better understanding of the muscular workings of our body when we speak and when we present, and how that can both hinder and enhance the impact of a presentation. The voice is a muscle that requires the same understanding and care as any other muscle in our body. Through this increased understanding, participants will be able to apply this to inform their presentation delivery style. It will help participants avoid the dreaded ‘death by PowerPoint’ presentation approach, and instead deliver their own unique presentation skills with a new physical support and confidence. We will practice together a range of voice strengthening and warm up techniques. Additionally we will look at projecting and varied pitch, pace and tone of the voice in order to gain and retain audience interest and reinforce the presentation messages, when undertaking any aspect of public speaking. Come with an open mind, be prepared to have some fun, and leave feeling more confident in all aspects of your public speaking.

A 90 minute version of this workshop was held at the 2018 HBCA workshop event. This is a day version where we will go into further detail and have more time to practice applying the concepts in real life situations.

This workshop will be relevant for people working on any animal issue. 

Content is key to communication and it is essential that we plan and deliver our messages carefully.

In this workshop we will explore content and how we gather, style and deliver it. We will touch on interview techniques, brand, framing and audiences. There will be a focus on visual content; with a session on filming using mobile phones and a chance to discuss Intellectual Property and GDPR of film and photography. 

We will consider key elements of developing a content strategy and if time allows, we can troubleshoot common challenges participants face with content. This will be a fun and interactive workshop that will provide you with practical tools to apply.

This workshop will be run by consultant Georgina Ash. Georgina spent 10 years working in communications in the international charity sector and has an MSc in wildlife conservation; science communication being a happy marriage for her.   

This workshop will be relevant for people working on any animal issue. 


29th September 2019
The inspirational voice with Anna Baatz  

28th September 2019
Content chronicles: communication for behaviour change with Georgina Ash 

Anna is currently the monitoring and evaluation lead for the UKs most prolific animal welfare education department embodied within the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. Within this department she has constructed and carried out a large scale randomised control trial sampling several thousand children, to evaluate the successfulness of the education programme. Driven by this research she has subsequently co-lead on an overall outcome focussed restructuring of the education department output. She has additionally recently completed a Masters at UCL Institute of Education in Educational Planning, Economics and International Development. Her final thesis, also the construction and implementation of an experimental impact evaluation design in schools. This time evaluating the impact of the education programme of India based NGO TOLFA in Rajasthan, India. The thesis posed the research question; can a single animal welfare workshop increase pupils’ compassionate feelings towards animals? And can it? You will have to ask her. She has also recently contributed to HBCA on their impact evaluation e-learning course. She regularly consults both internationally within the well-known dog welfare charity and independently for smaller education programmes, to enable them to develop a more outcome focussed planning framework as well as put in place the first stages of monitoring and evaluation. A certified teacher with over ten years’ education delivery experience, to date she has delivered over two thousand animal welfare themed, outcome focussed workshops to tens of thousands of children and young people across both the UK and Asia. Alongside education Anna has worked as a freelance presenter and voiceover artist for over 14 years, voicing TV and radio campaigns for big brands such as Superdrug, Lambrini, Karcher, Jet 2, Leesa Mattresses, Boundary Mills and many more. From a veterinary family, Anna is outright passionate about animal welfare, but equally the importance and power of inclusive and evidence based educational practice in order to drive positive behaviour change and address any animal welfare issue.