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Our aims

  • To provide a support network and resource set for people interested in HBCA. This includes products and services, as many as possible will be available free of charge, others will require payment through a membership scheme to be launched soon.
  • To encourage and facilitate the publication of work framed as HBCA. 
  • To encourage and facilitate further research into the design and impact of animal welfare interventions.

The technical, strategic and innovative arm of the organization is the ThinkTank, driven by key players in the field and innovative individuals. The concept note regarding the Think Tank has been shared with conference delegates and will be posted here soon, after we have amended it with feedback from those who attended the conference.

Please email us at and we can then arrange conversations by phone/Skype as appropriate.

You can follow this project through our Facebookand Linked in pages.

We are seeking sponsorship across all aspects of HBCA. Please get in touch to see how you could be involved in our community.


Events: We host a series of events exploring elements of HBCA. We are also happy to promote relevant events run  by other organisations, in any country. If you would like to propose an event to be formally hosted by us, please get in touch. See our events page for current events. 

‘On tap expert’: We provide mini-consults where you can put your ideas and plans past us and one or more of us will provide some professional input. For a small fee we will get up to speed with any material you send us and then provide a short remote consultation by Skype or phone. For example, we are accessible to provide tips to make educational events more interactive, measure the impact of your work, or brainstorm elements of your projects or plans. This is a great way to access input from the right people at a very reasonable cost (rate per hour, no minimum time). 

Consultancy services: Our core team are all active consultants in the field of HBC and animal welfare. We would love to discuss how we could help you or your organisation to apply, research, plan or brain-storm bringing the principles of human behaviour change into your work. We also have other areas of expertise in various animal welfare areas and are linked with a wider team of consultants.  If you have a project in mind please contact us individually – or get in touch with us at in the first instance so we can link you up with the person/people best placed to help.

Online content: We are planning monthly webinars, panel discussions, and video conferences to build a truly global community. Most content will be freely available although some will eventually require a very nominal subscription fee to support our work. 

​Online courses: We have developed an online course 'HBC Participatory Skills', this is an interactive course that will next run in March 2019. Our 'Making Change Happen: interpersonal skills for vets, behaviourists and trainers' is already online and available. 'Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation' will be online February 2019.

Learning circles: We are piloting a support service whereby small groups of people help each other and hope to roll this support method out more widely in late 2019. More details coming soon.

Lectures: We are happy to give lectures and workshops at Universities and colleges on the subject of human behaviour change for improving the lives of animals.

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